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A dependable income is something The Little Bramley Farm Horse Sanctuary relies upon and we are not immune to the current economic climate.  Support for organisations like ours is vital and we rely completely on generous donations from our supporters.   All the costs for the care of our horses is funded entirely from our own pockets and by the public's help and The Little Bramley Farm Horse Sanctuary does not receive any UK government or other funding.

Our work is funded entirely by kind donations from people such as yourself and there are no paid staff, just horse loving volunteers.

To make a donation, please either use the quick donate buttons or the form to pledge a custom amount.

If you would prefer to pledge an ongoing donation, please go to our sponsorships page.

If you would prefer to donate your own amount, please use the form below.

Payments are taken securely via Stripe with a credit or debit card.

Non-Monetary Donations.

If you would prefer to donate items instead of money please feel free to contact us. Due to constant usage we are always in need of anything relating to equine care, such as muck-cleaning tools, wheelbarrows, grooming kits, grooming kit containers, eye lotion, wound creams/powders, wormers, feeding buckets, feed barrels, water troughs, feed, veterinary supplements, hay and haylage.

Our Weekly Costs

Supporting more than 30 horses takes it toll on the generous donations you make. The ever increasing costs of the essentials to support our horses and ponies can be quite challenging. 100% of your donations go to the welfare and upkeep of the sanctuary. Some of our weekly costs are:

  • Rent: £400
  • Feed: £150
  • Hay/Haylage: £250
  • Bedding: £100
  • Vets: £250
  • Tools: £50
  • Farrier: £100

This equates on average to over £1300 per week of running costs. In the event that one of our horses or ponies becomes sick, these costs can quickly spiral to eye watering figures. As an example, we recently rescued a wonderful young horse, whom had an infected leg, after £7000 worth of treatment, he has fully recovered and will go on to make a fantastic companion.