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horses in a field

Pat noticing a report in a national horse magazine related to the removal and disposal of the horses from the Yorkshire Moors.By the time they had arrived, over 50 horses had already been destroyed, Pat and Zoe were determined to save as many as they could. Many horses were recommended to be put to sleep due to malnutrition and infections, the sanctuary was their last hope. Upon leaving, Pat noticed one final horse that was tied up in a small, cadged area. The horse had been badly castrated by the local gypsies with serious infections, it was severely malnourished and trusted no human. This little horse was given 5 days to live by the vets, his name was Chandler.  Chandler is now a very healthy, trusting and loving horse, whom adopts the father figure amongst the other rescue horses. He has often adopted the father role to new foals and rescues at Little Bramley (including Archie whom lost his mum Bella). Chandler’s love is infectious, you will often find volunteers laying down with him in the stables with his head resting on their lap.

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